ABOUT One Paramount

One Paramount

At Manapakkam Chennai, a neighborhood rises. Built from the ground up, One Paramount is a triumph of culture, commerce, and cuisine; a technological marvel that pairs style with sustainability; a convergence of landscape and public space.

In this new heart of Chennai, people come together to work and play – to enjoy chef-driven restaurants or shop the iconic brands – where experts and icons collaborate on the defining work of their lives, driving One Paramount boldly into the future.

One Paramount, Chennai is the fulfillment of a remarkable collaboration that includes a talented group of visionaries - planners, architects, engineers, designers, public servants, fashion icons, business leaders, luminaries and more.

3 Office Towers
With all modern amenities

14 Acres
Plotted Area

67,000 sqft
Retail & Mixed use spaces

2625 Car park
spaces for use

35% Green Areas
for everyday use

0.115 Million sqft
Floor size

20K Natural
People will arrive everyday

2.4 Million Sqft


Site Plan

Urban architecture & design

One Paramount was conceptualized to offer office spaces that provide flexibility, functionality, and technology that are responsive to the needs and demands of businesses. This is achieved by organizing the office space within an 11 M x 11 M structural grid that allows for maximum flexibility for all types of internal office planning while increasing the car park efficiency in the basements. Central cores provide the vertical connection between office floors as well as accommodating the necessary services. Centralized planning like this leads to efficiency in spatial planning as well as energy efficiency. Maximizing the building envelope available for natural lighting and views, creates better work environments.

The architectural massing of the buildings is developed from an understanding and thorough analysis of the terrain, topography and climatic conditions of the site. The building and facade details are created to be iconic by enhancing the skyline and visually communicating with the surrounding community.


The image and architecture of One Paramount are conceived as a contemporary 21st-century building that is responsive to its environment. It enhances the skyline and provides a visual statement for the surrounding community.

The building envelope consists of stone cladding, high specs curtain wall system, and a high-end texture finish on the plastered surface that adds to its iconic status. With continuous strip windows for better natural light and ventilation inside, One Paramount is committed to offering its occupants a balanced working environment. The double-glazed performance curtain wall system comes with clear vision glazing panels and energy-efficient glass. All devices that allow natural lighting into office spaces are designed to reduce thermal heat gain, which helps maintain a natural cooling effect and a lower carbon footprint.

Urban Treasure

Terraced Gardens

Let stress take a back seat amidst the 25000 sqft scenic gardens curated for informal office discussions, thinking space, relaxation zone, private meditative space or gentle sports. The gardens cascade over multiple levels and feature a modernist open-air art gallery.

Pedestrian Ramp

A walk up these majestic grand steps is nothing short of a culmination of sight and sound. From the sheer scale and form of the steps to the pleasing melody of flowing water along its edges, the pedestrian ramp is the backbone of the landscaped environment. Leading right up to the Central Plaza, these steps have been designed to be differently-abled and friendly.

Central Plaza

Strategically located between the two campuses, Central Plaza will be a double-height atrium, sprawled over 30000 sqft area. Featuring landscaped gardens intermingling with shallow water bodies and generous seating areas, Central Plaza will serve as an outdoor extension of the restaurants and cafes at The Bay.


The landscape draws on the contrast between form and materiality, expressing a legible balance between slick and raw, rough and refined, urban and sophisticated.

One Paramount features a matrix of garden experiences designed throughout the development; with plush landscaped plazas and courtyards, tree-lined promenades and streets, and smaller garden areas for both rest and activity.


The design of the building offers its occupants generous expansive views of the neighborhood. With an innovative central core design, most of the offices will have continuous views on all sides of their work environment. The offices will enjoy tranquil views of the plush central landscape area, The Garden, for more than half the building’s perimeter. Even the deep interiors of some of the offices have views into and daylight penetration from the central courtyard space.

Customer - Centric

Utilise in-depth insight, tailored services and engaging experiences. Focus on consistency and scalability in work environments. Provide unmatched services by developing in-house capabilities.

Desired Destinations

Create and operate vibrant and lifestyle oriented spaces that cater to diverse demands. Catalyse progress by investing in emerging locations benefiting from regeneration and growth. Position greater emphasis on regional multi-let retail assets.

Powered by Talent

Maintain high standard of operational and investment skill sets and encourage development in embryonic areas. Promote a culture which supports the recruitment and development of a diverse team. Enhance and streamline work processes across the business.

Efficiency Evolved

Maximise returns by allocating resources to leverage competitive advantages. Manage development exposure and financial expertise, while maintaining benefits of scale. Be the preferred partner for international capital and public associations




After developing or acquiring an asset comes the responsibility and opportunity to manage and enhance these assets. Decisions are made every day across our 20 million + square foot real estate portfolio that impact our customers, our communities, and our bottom line. A hands-on approach is endorsed to managing our assets, which contributes directly and positively to the success of our business. Our endeavour to provide the best-in-class buildings and services to our occupiers, we have partnered with the organisations which are leaders in their respective fields, with a singular opportunity to deliver the latest in technology leading to energy conservation, cost reductions and a higher quality of life for workers, and visitors to RMZ ECOWORLD. Scores of user experiences for visitors and residents, for greater control over environments in terms of energy consumption, custom solutions and special content are being developed, as varied as gaining building access to ordering food, or getting directions or being notified about events, retail promotions and restaurant specials.

“A key objective is to technologically link different buildings and their operations and work towards buildings being able to communicate with each other.”